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Sunshine Pie
A story to grow, bake and share

Publisher: Welbeck Flame, 22 June 2023


This book has been a labour of love since I began work on it in high summer 2022, taking many a trip to the local pick-your-own and baking a lot of fruit pie to test the recipe at the heart of the book. It's inspired by a love of the countryside, gardening, seasonal food - and most of all dedicated to a wonderful friend who was a true ray of sunshine. 💛


Olive and Aunty Jen are going to make a special pie for their picnic in the garden. It's a SUNSHINE pie! But how do you catch the sun and put it in a pie? Olive is going to find out. Join them in the supermarket and as they pick their own fruit at the farm, before heading back home to bake. But storm clouds are building – will rain ruin their picnic? It is, after all, a sunshine pie...

Drawing on themes of intergenerational friendship and the value of community, this cosy story journeys from farm to table and teaches us that the best stories, like pies, are made for sharing. A warm-hearted picture book with a recipe at the back so you too can make your very own sunshine pie!

Here are a couple of spreads from the book....

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