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All Things Change
Nature's rhythms from sprouting seeds to shining stars

Publisher: Welbeck, October 2021

Author: Anna Claybourne


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Everything changes. From the birth of new stars to the endlessly shifting tides and tiniest life cycle. Some change happens right before your eyes, while other transformations happen so slowly that you won't notice them in your lifetime. And you change too, just like everything else in Nature - growing, learning and changing your thoughts and feelings.

All Things Change is a lyrical and beautifully illustrated book looking at the many different processes of change in the natural world, covering geology, ecology, biology and more. It also embraces the philosophical topic of change - how do we approach changes that make us feel sad? How do we cope with changes we can't control?

Ideal for children to explore independently or with parents, it holds a special appeal for anyone struggling to find stability in a rapidly changing world.

Here are some of my favourite details from the book spreads:

Below: some favourite details from the book spreads.

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