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CONNECT Art and Wayfinding Public Art Programme


In 2019 I completed a library of large scale illustrations inspired by three Sussex locations: the Charleston Trust, Nymans Gardens and, more generally, the many beach huts that are found along our coastline.

I was one of 12 artists commissioned by Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust, and Willis Newson, to create artworks that will be produced as large-scale feature wall prints and placed at key junctions to aid wayfinding around the redevelopment of Brighton’s Royal Sussex County Hospital.

CLICK HERE for more information about this exciting project and the other artists involved.

After being briefed for the project, I spent a day  drawing and exploring each theme and location. It was early spring so there was a colourful display of bulbs in both the gardens and thankfully (as I was 5 months pregnant) the weather was surprisingly warm. I then whittled down a shortlist of the different perspectives and views of each place to translate into illustrations. It was great to meet with staff at both Nymans and Charleston too, to get their perspective on the highlights and history of each place.


As these pieces are to be produced large scale, I had to consider where doors, hand rails and other utilities would need to be and often I'd try to include them in the composition. In considering the hospital environment, I wanted each piece to convey a journey and take the viewer out into the Sussex countryside, if only for a moment. The purpose of these murals is to help staff and visitors navigate the new hospital environment, as well as offer something uplifting and interesting to look at while waiting or walking through the building.

I'm looking forward to sharing more photos on location once the artworks have been installed!

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