Welcome to Alphabetown

An interactive exhibition

Alphabetown is an invented town that I am illustrating and exhibiting. As a project, and a place, it is a work in progress. It is still being built, as I illustrate its landmarks, streets, characters and nature, using the alphabet as a starting point. Through exhibiting it I open it up for suggestions and the town alters and is added to as it tours.


Alphabetown first popped up in Worthing in 2017, and then visited The Story Museum, Oxford.from May-July 2018. Then it called into ONCA Gallery in Brighton in August 2018, and the town's next stop will be Hi-Store in Hastings, as part of the annual Hastings Illustration Festival.


In the first exhibition, some letters did not have illustrations. These gaps sparked curiosity about what these locations could be: visitors were invited to become architects, as well as tourists to the town.
There were colourful building blocks to play with and a noticeboard to contribute ideas to. The list of landmarks and illustrations is always growing and developing. Browse a selection of them below, and here on Instagram.

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