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The Floaters print features a selection of playfully named ducks from around the world. An educational design with a pun-inspired twist! A colourful mandarin duck boasts the accolade of ‘fancy’, while a giant Muscovy duck is labelled ‘large’...and who can forget the fast Indian Runner duck - also known as the ‘runny’!


Each bird has plenty of personality and has been beautifully illustrated, painted first with watercolours and then digitally designed. Sarah's signature typography accompanies each bird, making this chart the perfect addition to the For the Pun of It range.


It makes a great gift for bird and word nerds, for duck enthusiasts and everyone with a mischievous sense of humour. A fun addition to the downstairs loo!


Printed on cartridge paper, signed and dated.

A3 Print measurements: 29.7 cm wide / 42 cm high.
Board backed and cellophane wrapped.


Also available in A4 size.

Floaters A3 Print